There is no denying the Asian influence on high fashion today. It's innovation and eye catching unique styles makes the culture pop on the fashion scene. On September 9, Concept Korea will feature brands Resurrection, LEYII, and Beyond Closet in it's 10th anniversary. Concept Korea prides itself on promoting Korean fashion and gives designers the necessary exposure in the United States. Industry powerhouses behind Concept Korea include Fern Mallis, Avril Graham, Nicole Fischelis, Stephanie Solomon, Simon Collins, and Phillip Bloch. "Casual and Masculine," which Resurrection entitled it's collection, features an edgy, sexy aesthetic. Designer Juyoung Lee incorporates lace, zippers and translucent fabrics into the pieces. The clothes create a masculine shape and a rock and roll vibe. Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson and Black Eyed Peas, amongst others, can be seen sporting the line. LEYII is designed by Seunghee Lee. With a London influence and inspiration by Alexander Calder, LEYII's Spring/Summer collection, titled "Rhythmic Contrast," features straight lines and flat surfaces. The primary hues create the rhythm the designer envisioned-natural curves. Her goal: to achieve balanced contrast and three-dimensional silhouettes. Beyond Closet, designed by Taeyoung Ko, is a menswear brand. Their spring/summer collection, entitled "B.C. School Gang" will capitalize on the use of graphic tattoo artistry. The show, on September 9, is a must see! Be sure to tune in on to check out Concept Korea Live! For more information on the featured designers, visit

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