Made Fashion Week presented an incredible collection from New York native Titania Inglis, hosted at the Standard hotel. For her Spring/Summer 2014 collection “Tessellation,” Inglis was particularly inspired by both the Danish-Icelandic installation artist Olafur Eliasson and renowned American architect and futurist Bucky Fuller. Geometric forms, prisms, and monochrome light were taken from each influential figure’s work and reinvented in a cutting-edge fashion collection. The runway was lined with triangular archways by Ryan Crozier of Forgotten City, creating a dramatic effect as the models walked through the metallic structures. The 12-look collection employed Inglis’ signature minimalist style with streamlined shapes and structures accented with faceted metal accents. Matching faceted jewelry and accessories, such as arm cuffs and caged leggings, were created for the collection in a collaborative effort between Inglis and Brooklyn-based jeweler WXYZ. Knitwear was made by Kordal, and Ting Ting Qian outfitted models in custom lingerie. Combinations of hard and soft created stunning contrast; the intricate garments appeared futuristic and avante-garde while still being functional.

 In 2012, Inglis was awarded by the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation for her sustainable designs, and has since continued her work with sustainable material. Organic cotton, voile, and leather were treated with natural dyes from iron and weld flowers, lending the gorgeously subtle color palette a meaningful edge. Shades of white, tan, and grey were accented by bright pops of buttery yellow. The collection’s Cyborg Dress was reworn as a scarf with another outfit, proving not only the pieces versatility but also the creativity of the designer herself. Tessellation is unique, uniform, and eye-catching, seamlessly blending sleek design with beautiful, sustainable clothing.


Nu-Mode´ Coverage Alexandra Stevens

Photography Colby Blount

Special thank you to MADE and The Standard Hotel