Words Latoya P. Henry


Off to the next show held at the Chelsea Market, Designer Cristina Ruales FW16 presentation consisted of an interesting formatting. A mash up between models and ballerinas, lined up in a diamond shape switching positions on cue. As the ballerinas stood in graceful pointe stance, the models stood alongside with expressionless gestures. Beyond the classical sounds, infused with modern and serene scenery. I wanted to learn a bit more about the story behind Ruales collection and her continued interest of nature versus architecture.


For this season Cristina Ruales collaborated with artist Patrick Jacobs and Epson to develop a collection heavily inspired by the artist’s dioramas of outdoors and indoors. In appreciation of artist Patrick Jacobs, Ruales wanted to translate the intriguing scenery within her collection. Playing on landscape and architecture, Ruales merges the pair into one space. Infusing her FW16 collection with a color palette that displays environmental features. 


Each shade pulls together a direct connection, from the rich shades of green, black, white and grey that you would find in a forest, to a selection of textures that resemble skyscrapers and the floral prints you could find in an unscathed field of flowers. Overall the balance of Cristina Ruales fall/winter collection absorbs the beauty of structure, delicacy and charm.


Presentation Photography Latoya P. Henry

Look Photography Getty Images