We often think of textiles as mere clothing materials, not realizing their inherent potential for art exploration and research. Textiles are never truly considered to be an art medium, but German-based textile designer Nadine Goepfertthinks otherwise. Through constant research and collaborations with other artists and designers, Nadine is on her way to change that perception.


“As long as I can remember I’ve had a great interest in traditional textile techniques and craftsmanship, so in my work I constantly experiment with the diverse aspects of the materiality and structure of textiles. My projects are based on research and conceptual thinking, and in some of them I explore the wide field of eventualities by creating open situations, which form the basis for my textile designs and art installations.” But what makes textiles so important? Nadine is very passionate about her work as a textile designer: “Textiles are one of the most multifaceted materials known to mankind. I like the idea of having an ability to start at the absolute beginning of a product. When working on a textile, the only thing you get right at Continue Reading