Since the debut of Mary Ping’s Slow and Steady Wins just over a decade ago, the designer has consistently shied away from models and runways. She (sort of) broke the mold this season by presenting, for the first time, her 2014 Spring/Summer collection on live people. Instead of using skeletal agency models, Ping outfitted male and female skateboarders in her minimalist collection. The skaters hit the streets, navigating downtown Manhattan on sick boards and transforming the sidewalk into their runway. A cluster of fashionistas eagerly awaited their arrival at Chelsea’s Milk Studios, everyone a bit perplexed by invitations that indicated a presentation that spanned over 10 streets.

A group of models glided past, stopping a posing for the cameras in a casual, loose-fitting, black, white, and grey collection. The wearer-friendly looks included knits hoodies in diverse cuts from tanks to ponchos, a leather tee, and a white mesh top. The array of baggy tops were complimented by slim-fit white pants and all-white sneakers, accented with caps and beanies in bright royal blue. Draped sleeves, oversized pocket details, and structured shoulders added elements of interest to otherwise minimal designs, keeping in line with Ping’s usual sleek aesthetic. Slow and Steady Wins the Race lent literal meaning to street wear with a cool, wearable, urban collection.


Nu-Mode´ Coverage Alexandra Stevens

Photography LPH