Formerly the infamous Bungalow 8, Chelsea’s No. 8 provided the perfect clubby atmosphere for Sir New York’s latest street-ready collection. Blacklit models were outfitted in black and white logo-emblazoned shirts and neoprene hoodies for the debut of designer Auston Björkman’s “Black Moon” collection. Dreadlocks, eyelashes, and hair extensions glowed an unearthly neon orange beneath the flashing UV lights, giving the models a hauntingly alien look. Dripping black light art and models’ visible piercings perfectly accented Björkman’s edgy, athletic, design aesthetic. Stacks of car tires provided a platform as the crowd sipped drinks around the designs, admiring the glow-in-the-dark lettering and bright white lace-up boots. We The Urban and Intandem Creatives hosted the event, which included a special performance by Natalia Kills to wrap up the night.


Nu-Mode´ Coverage Alexandra Stevens

Images Courtesy of Sir New York