29-year-old Brooklynite Samantha Pleet debuted the Spring/Summer collection for her eponymous line at the Wolverine Company Store in downtown Manhattan. The “Arcadia” line was released in conjunction with a shoe collaboration, Wolverine 1000 Mile Collection by Samantha Pleet, which featured on-trend booties, sandals, and oxfords. Leather and suede are paired with stacked wood heels, laces, and interesting cut-outs for cute but functional styles in colors like orange and blue. The backstory to the clothing was detailed in a short film, being projected in a makeshift viewing room at the back of the store. A beautiful castaway floats onto a lush, tropical island on a wooden raft, finding paradise among the stylish islanders of the mystical land of “Arcadia.” She presents the natives a trunkful of Wolverine x Pleet shoes, after which they declare her one of their own, combing out her braided hair and adorning her with one of their flora-and-fauna headpieces. The film ends with islanders sailing away on the protagonists’ raft and she looks on and waves from shore, intending to stay on her new island home. Thus the collection has a breezy, nature-inspired feel, with bright prints and patterns in blues, greens, white, and red. A graphic, green-and-white leaf print finds itself on a jumpsuit, petal-hem top, high-waisted shorts, and one-piece swimsuits. Several garments feature a twisted-cutout waist detailing, as well thin, oval cutouts at the midriff. Pleet works mostly in organic fabrics, adding an appropriately eco-friendly edge to a whimsical, flattering collection.


Nu-Mode´ Coverage Alexandra Stevens

LookBook Photography Jacqueline DiMilia

Film Photography Agnes Thor