Great textures and sophisticated prints, produced predominantly from silk and silk blend fabrics, is the calling card of S.I.L.K., a new New-York based better-priced women’s clothing brand. In its second season to date, S.I.L.K. presented a Fall/Winter line of feminine dresses with retro-inspired prints, smart woven ensembles, and a few knit options to complete the collection. S.I.L.K.’s Fall/Winter color palette consisted mainly of olives, neutrals and blacks, balanced with a few touches of golden yellow, turquoise and magenta. The line is geared towards a wide range of women who enjoy dressing up and are not afraid to show of their femininity and charm. The brand is also animal-friendly and prides itself in only using soft faux furs and leathers.


Nu-Mode´ Coverage Irina Romashevskaya