2.Ruffian Fall 2013 Collection

“A state of being pleasantly lost in ones thoughts, a day dream” is the Webster’s definition of reverie. Ruffian’s fall/winter 2013 collection may be like a dream as there was a mix of time periods that seemed to blend in a way that only a dream could facilitate. The models stomped down the runway to 1980’s, new wave music, while the silhouettes resembled those of the 1700’s. The uses of corsets date back to1550 and the gold, bronze and copper metallic took the collection back to the modern era.

1.Ruffian Fall 2013 Collection

The designers, Brian Wolk and Claude Morais’s inspiration came from the provocative Bowery neighborhood. The rich textiles, opulent jewelry and baroque inspired prints made for an extravagant collection. The tailoring was impeccable. The jackets were craveable. The overall feeling: ethereal. Sherlock Holmes would have desired this collection for his own closet. The use of horsehair added to the opulence. The clothes seemed to lack concise direction but then, maybe that was the idea of this rebellious, Victorian themed, sartorial, styled arrangement.

32.Ruffian Fall 2013 Collection

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NYFW Coverage Cassandra Brost

Photography Andrea Adriani