Parsons The New School for Design and Louis Vuitton came together for “Reconstruction 3.0,” the third installment in an innovative display of design, music, and dance. Louis Vuitton, one of the most iconic names in fashion, donated authentic pieces to students at The New School to be repurposed for the project. Students split into teams, which were then matched with dancers and musicians from The New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music and The Joffrey Ballet School Jazz & Contemporary Program. Louis Vuitton’s theme, “Life is a Journey,” was to be represented by each performance, and judged by a panel of experts from the dance, music, and fashion industries. Each of the five performances brought a unique element to the stage, all with a different story and interpretation of the journey of life. Dancers, musicians, and designers worked together to create seamless transitions and form a sense of unity between each facet of their presentation. Original choreography and musical scores were created for the project, making each task equally as important to portraying each teams’ ideas.

Fabrics were altered and designed specifically for movement and interaction, with many outfits featuring moveable or changeable parts. “Wellspring” and “Uncloaked Awareness” used billowing fabrics, fringe, and dynamic colors to accentuate the organic movements of the dancers. “Invitation To A Dream” drew inspiration from Louis Vuitton’s iconic luggage, but their designs seemed stiff when put into motion. “digital#connect” was a crowd favorite, in which the designers employed the use of various forms of lights and shadows. The group behind “Chronogenesis” were eventually chosen as winners - their creative performance showcased a true embodiment of the theme, represented by innovative design and display. Their garments were altered through unique processes to form entirely unique structures, and that paired with beautiful music and dance made their performance a standout to the judges. A celebration was held afterward at the Magic Room at LVMH Tower, where guests and participants enjoyed champagne and a beautiful view of Manhattan on the last night of Fall Fashion Week.

Lanessa Elrod from Louis Vuitton . Simon Collins of Parsons . Zanna Roberts Rassi of Marie Claire

Nu-Mode´ Coverage Alexandra Stevens

Photography Marie Havens