Falguni and Shane Peacock utilized the term, REBEL, and created a Spring/Summer '15 collection to remember.  Each piece on the runway read REBEL somewhere along the garment.  Pushing the boundaries of what is considered, “safe fashion,” the designers followed their goal to rebel against the norm.

The opening two piece, white ensemble composed of a crop and long skirt set the mood for the rest of the show.  Viewers were quickly made aware of the innovation they were to see.  Following the storm of whites, sheer blacks, and detailed midnight patterns graced the runway.  The embellishments on each garment were so intricate and deeply complex.  There were beaded dresses with stars and shear material, crafty two pieces, both fitted and flowing, deep v-cut crop tops, amongst other things.  Either way, this collection was nothing short of daring.  

A must-have for the collection is the sleeveless, deep v-necked, midnight printed crop top with the flowing, to-the-floor skirt.  It is not time-of-day restrictive and it gives a sexy elegance unlike any other. 


Nu-Mode´ NYFW Coverage Arielle Chambers

Photography Fernanda Calfat At Getty Images