Words Alexandra Stevens


Designer Bayarmaa Bayarkhuu presented Mongol for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, a brand inspired by (and named after) Bayarkhuu’s homeland of Mongolia. The presentation kicked off with some music from the runway as a seated man sang and playing a stringed instrument. He was then joined by some sort of foreign pop entity and backed by throbbing dubstep, which eventually gave way to a bold and colorful runway debut. With nods to traditional Mongolian costumes and the use of Mongolian raw material, Bayarkhuu’s vision is the marriage of modern style and old-world culture.


Mark and Estel NYFW

Mark and Estel 

Fashion line/rock band/celebrity outfitters Mark Tango and Estel Day have been creating out made-in-the-USA designs since the launch of their label, Mark and Estel, in the mid-2000’s. Both men and women walked the runway at the Lincoln Center in a collection marked by trench coats, hi-low hemlines, and multiple variations of tartan. The presentation ended with the designers themselves emerging amongst black lights and lasers, playing an electric guitar and gesticulating wildly while singing. “This collection is about... rock your own style!” Mark shouted at the audience. “You are a rockstar! You are fashion rock stars! You are royal! You are wearing a crown! You are majestic!”

People were giggling, Snapchat-ing, and Instagram-ing as we filed out of the tent.

“YOU... ARE FASHION ROCKSTARS!” I heard a guy mock-yell to his friend, waving a hand in his face, rocks sparkling on every finger.


Photography Getty Images Frazer Harrison