Ken Borochov presented an expectedly brash and over-the-top line of jewelry and body accessories for Made Fashion Week at the Standard Hotel. Sparkling gold and white head cages, chastity belts, and crowns accented lingerie-style outfits. Pastel pink and lilac frills and lace balanced overt bondage themes with sweetness, adding a cheeky cuteness to an S&M-style neck-to-wrist collar chain. Models wore ruffled panties, bustier tops, and sheer teddies with multi-colored weaves and faux-mohawk headpieces. Gorgeously detailed flower accenting on necklaces and belts took the form of gilded gold

roses and daisies, surrounded in baroque-style leaves and golden bumblebees. Oversized nameplates adorned crowns and chains, spelling out tongue-in-cheek phrases like “twerk princess” and “queen Molly,” garnering titters and laugher from the audience. An audible groan actually rippled through the crowd when the model in the “twerk princess” necklace turned the end of the runway too quickly for people to snap good photo. Borochov combined raw sex appeal with laugh-out-loud quirkiness for an unforgettable collection fit for those with a flair for the dramatic.


Nu-Mode´Coverage Alexandra Stevens

Images Courtesy Of Agency V