Monika Chiang 1 Inspired by a reoccurring dream a cultivated through a lifetime of worldly experiences Monika Chiang successfully reinterpreted the classics in her fall/winter 2013 collection. She stayed true to her aesthetic of modern glamour and nonchalant elegance. The collection is completely wearable and simply focused. A bird in flight was the theme of the show and the shapes and silhouettes mimicked those, which she had admired from mid-century photographs she viewed at the MOMA. This was undoubtedly the most sumptuous of Chiang’s collections. Many pieces were adorned with metallic embroidery and the presence of a richly, wine colored fur jacket upped the anti for this years show. The new was in close proximity to that which has become a staple of the brand.

Monika Chiang  3

The abutment of soft and hard textures was interwoven throughout with the use of silk chiffon and leather. There was just the right amount of feminine sexiness combined with androgynous, military structures. The colors were simple and to the point but all possessed just the right tone to make them so craveable. Taupe, black, grey, ivory, dark mauve, olive, cobalt, red and deep wine blended together to create a palette of bejeweled tones that were scrumptiously delightful. Metal details were a constant and chunky masonry jewelry adorned most of the models. Thick gold chokers covering the whole neck were reminiscent of National Geographic covers of indigenous tribal women. Metal plates on the upper sleeves of a taupe biker jacket made the article ultra cool and will sure to be the desire of every contemporary, woman’s affection. All in all, Monika Chiang successfully created a collection that is wearable and easily mixed with past seasons pieces.

Selita Ebankslr

NYFW Coverage Cassandra Brost

Photography Latoya P Henry

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