F/W 2013 presentation at Lincoln Center is Mathieu Mirano’s only third collection to date. Armed with couture sewing techniques, impeccable taste level and unique vision, Mirano created a collection worthy of an established designer. With just a few select pieces he conceived a complete, meticulously thought-through vision for F/W 2013. From furs to skirts, to floor-length gowns - each outfit was a piece of art.

The key elements included see-through skirts with fur inserts and uneven hems, and dresses with strategically placed palettes. This particular collection was also a result of a collaboration with jewelry designer Bliss Lau. Her delicate neck and ring pieces perfectly accentuated fine details of Mirano’s craftsmanship. There is no doubt this kind of attention to detail and painstaking craftsmanship will gather well-deserved appreciation from customers and critics alike.

NYFW Coverage Irina Romashevskaya

Images Courtesy of Great Press