Louise Amstrup

Louise Amstrup’s fall/winter 2013 collection was shown at New York’s Fashion Week for the first time. The American desert has dominated Amstrup’s brand since its creation in 2006. This season was influenced by the 2004 documentary, Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea, which portrays a Californian, ghost town that went to ruin due to increased salt levels. The collection’s theme was freaks of nature and nudibranch mollusks and salt crystals were used as the basis for the prints.

Louise Amstrup

The ever, present mix of soft pastels and harsh black that have been hallmarks to past collections were pronounced this season as well. The hard and soft motif flowed through each piece. There were ultra feminine dresses worn with top hats. Knitwear was introduced for the first time. The combination of strong, starched, structure was seamlessly united with airy and delicate silks and chiffons. All looks were young, fresh and completely wearable. Surrealism brought to the modern era.

Louise AmstrupLouise Amstrup

 NYFW Coverage Cassandra Brost

Photography Daniel Rampulla