On Wednesday, July 9, Kipling launched their #Back2Kipling Campaign at The Old School in New York City.  The brand featured an array of colorful backpacks and school accessories with undeniable adorableness.  YouTube star, Megan Nicole floated around the room in a Kipling custom stress, smiling and bringing much positive energy.  Feelings of nostalgia overcame many at the party, as they inspected the colorful and patterned bags, both large and small, and reminisced on the Kipling original key chains included on the side.


The theme of back-to-school was wonderfully executed.  Chalkboards surrounded the room, allowing guests to write their favorite school memories.  The presentation of food included watermelon and feta on rulers and miniature burgers on pencils.  After about hour of light snacks and mingling, Megan Nicole delivered a performance to conclude the event.  She performed an original song as well as the well-known “Baby” by Justin Bieber.

With the overall coherency, including round-the-room chalkboards and shelves of backpacks, food presentation and musical performance, Kipling’s launch was adorably effective.  The Kipling Back-to-School collection is available on


Nu-Mode´ Coverage Arielle Chambers

Images Courtesy Arielle Chambers & Factory PR