There are many basic essentials one should have in their closet, and often we question ourselves - what is the basic essential?  Why should I have it?  Each week in the fashion & style section we will share the tools on selecting the best option when purchasing investment essentials to add towards your wardrobe, along with how to avoid mindless spending, and selecting key pieces to enhance your style.

Sure, we hear plenty of tips and tricks on organizing the perfect wardrobe, what you should and should not have, but organizing a wardrobe is not the only choice you should keep in mind. The key is to select pieces you could see yourself wearing two or three years from now. There is nothing worst than purchasing an item, then looking back and saying “what was I thinking?” Or the classic “I’m never going to wear this!” Then the item is discarded like a moldy dishrag, not even considering the amount money that was wasted on that item.  So here are a few important facts to consider when purchasing essential pieces:

The Look:

How does this item flatter your figure? Does it add that extra pizazz you’re looking for?

The Color:

Select basic colors such as black, white, blue - anything neutral. These are a few colors you could wear at any given time, plus these colors could be paired with anything.

 The Quality:

Check the quality of the item. Don’t be afraid to examine before purchasing; look at the seams, the stitching on the zippers, and the lining inside of item, as well as the front and back of the item you’re purchasing.  Avoid snatching up things on impulse and then having shopper regrets later.

This week, the Key Ingredient of Style selection was Acne Studios Mape leather Jacket. Acne Studios’ leather jackets are timeless pieces to add tow your wardrobe; the durability, quality, craftsmanship and overall style of the jacket makes this item worthy of having. Of course there are a few theories you want to consider when purchasing a leather jacket, such as can I see myself wearing this jacket two years from now? And could this style of jacket be worn more than just one season? The answer to both of those questions is yes.  The biker style leather jacket has been around since the late twenties, then re-mastered time and time again. It’s a statement piece that could be dressed up or down and it could be worn through any season. How fantastic is that?

To view a selection of Items from Acne Studios, click the image below.


Key Ingredients Of Style Report Latoya P. Henry

Images Courtesy Of Acne Studios