20130209_Issue 7 clips_9446 A DJ spun remixes of pop songs, the guests drank PBR in custom cozies and black lights illuminated the warehouse space at Highland’s fall/winter, 2013 show. The clothes were ultra wearable and filled with chunky knits and screen prints. The arrangement of apparel felt more like a dorm room, rave than a fashion show. This cheeky brand created an ambiance of ultra rad, laid back sex appeal.

20130209_Issue 7 clips_9444

The details were impeccable. A popcorn littered floor, bubbling smoke filled bong, lava lamp decorated, couch lounging, cigarette smoking, sexy guys scattered the space. One wall was covered in climbing pegs. Everyone was straight chillin’ and having a blast. The guests more hipster than a Williamsburg loft was a breathe of fresh air from the prim goers at the tents. Custom cozies were the party favor and high energy radiated into the lobby. Highland definitely possesses the ability to create a scene and the clothes so perfectly delineate the lifestyle represented. Functionally relaxed and perfect for the times, Highland is a brand for the people.

20130209_Issue 7 clips_9481

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NYFW Coverage Cassandra Brost

Photography Latoya P Henry