New York native jewelry designer Heidi Gardner presented her latest collection - a beautiful, ocean-inspired line called “Waterland” - at the High Line Loft. Live music backed models outfitted in nude bodysuits and pants, decked out in dramatic, blue and green headpieces along with Gardner’s designers. The headdresses and masks were reminiscent of the same aquatic inspirations Gardner used for her jewelry - sharks, stingrays, and mollusks. Gardners’ typical macabre aesthetic was found in jaw bone pendants and shark teeth rings, alongside delicate seahorse earrings and a stunning stingray cuff. Pieces not worn by live models were displayed on mounts of white plaster fingers and hands, beckoning eerily from the walls with glittering gold and silver jewelry.


Gardner, outfitted in a long black dress and her own necklace, earrings, and cuff, gave us an exclusive interview for Nu Mode TV. Projections of sparkling water lit up the wall behind her as she described the magical nature of the ocean, and how she intended to capture the wonder of the world of the sea in her latest collection. The young designer emphasized the importance of versatility, sliding her sting ray cuff from her bicep to her wrist as she demonstrated the various different ways she could wear each piece. She also focused on tapping into the market for men’s jewelry, hoping to make gender-neutral pieces that felt wearable and comfortable for men that might otherwise feel unsettled or intimidated by accessorizing. The gold and silver collection looked equally as captivating on both her male and female models, the pieces ranging from dramatic luxe and everyday subtlety.


 Nu-Mode´ Coverage Alexandra Stevens

Photography LPH