Soho’s exclusive club Parlor hosted jewelry designer Heidi Gardner’s “Circus Freak” themed party, complete with clown-painted models and gourmet popcorn. Gardner’s pieces feature dark, skeletally-inspired shapes, reflecting her fascination with the macabre. The designer works mostly with silver and brass, molding metallic jewelry full of detailed carving, shaping, and embedded stones. Each piece is a intricately designed creation bringing forth unexpected organic shapes in stylish, wearable ways. Rosé and jello shots were served as painted models, some in masks and suspenders, interacted with party-goers throughout the night. Specially commissioned photographs lined the walls, featuring a dizzying array of stars ranging from Naomi Campbell and Salvador Dali.

Gardner’s pieces were not only on display tables and models but also on the DJ, who spun records in Gardner’s earrings, rings, and cuffs.  I sat down and spoke with the charming and vivacious young designer about her work. “I’ve always been obsessed with carnivals and circuses because they scared me,” Gardner said about her inspiration for the theme. “I wanted to take that fear and turn it outwards, make it into something.” Her stunning collection is the result of this fear, where incredibly detailed rings and bangles take the shape of spinal cords and pelvic bones. Gardner also explained that the collection displayed was also made with Valentine’s Day in mind. She captures a symbolic subtlety in the use of vague heart shapes, keys, and arrows among the skulls and bones. “I liked this idea of being able to give someone a little creature that could love them forever,” Gardner told me with a smile

NYFW Coverage Alexandra Stevens

Images Courtesy Of Omen Pr