Probably the most perfectly themed show, DAMNsel gave an eccentric twist to the typical garments seen in fashion week. This collection, entitled "GARMiOPLASTY" vividly depicted things of and in the surgical field. Stethoscope textiles aligned the chest area of some, while others had what seemed to be lab jackets. Upward arrows on one of the tops hinted at breast enhancement in a subtle way, again simply following the theme.


Turtlenecks and high collars were prominent, accompanied by a dominance of white "hospital shoes." Though the clothes brought enough attention through their individuality, the real attention-grabber was certainly DAMNsel’s signature pussy purse.  These purses possessed a vagina-like structure in the middle, alluding to the purses' access points. Bold and ballsy-more on the vaginal side, though DAMNsel sold us on cohesion alone.


Photography Imhotep Hester At Street Vue