Words Arielle Chambers

Nina Athanasiou made a bold proclamation at Studio 450 during her Fall/Winter ’15 runway.  Singer (and model) Scott Barnhill opened the show with a musical rendition, bringing vivacious energy via song and dance through the catwalk, all the while sporting the first piece of the Nina Athanasiou FW collection.  The orange-brown, leather piece gave the audience a peek at the excitement for which they were in store.   As the show progressed leather accents were a common trend, as well feathers, fur, silk and even sheers.  Materials combined to create such an original edginess to the duo-gendered collection. 

NinaAthanasiou 005.jpg

Athanasiou took risks throughout the entire production, which worked in her favor.  The deep emerald, heavily feathered jacket screamed comfort and originality.  It mimicked a fur, but stood strong in its distinction; not to mention, the model’s burgundy hair was such a lovely contrast.  The purple silk jumpsuit topped with the jeweled collar was stunning.  Menswear varied in cut, color and overall design.  The blue patterned jumpsuit with brown leather accents and the raised collar was wonderfully crafted and created great lines with movement.  

Beyond design, Athanasiou expressed her deviation from the norm through her selection of models.  Shaun Ross received applause the moment he appeared on the runway.  Becoming a regular on Athanasiou’s runway (walking for her last season as well), the designer proclaimed that she “loves Shaun so much” and went on to share her thankfulness “for everything he has done” for her.  Joining Shaun on the runway was fellow Albino supermodel, Diandra Forrest, who also received recognition upon entry.  However, it was model Gaydos who captured the audience’s attention-and hearts.  Athanasiou described the model as an “extraordinary and outstanding, beautiful person” who does not necessarily fit the mold of “regular beauty.”  People at the show can attest to her statement, as the spirit transpired from the model was as beautiful as the feather frock she fashioned.  

The show’s success can be attributed to the designer’s willingness to make a statement.  When asked what is one summarizing statement of the whole collection, Athanasiou answered proudly “Stay true to yourself. Be yourself. Be confident.” 

Images Courtesy Of Getty Images and Fernanda Calfat