Jay Godfrey



Jay Godfrey used splashes of color to make his morning presentation lively.  Pinks and purples were uncontested, in comparison to other designers, in his portrayal of structured femininity.  Just the correct balance of hyper-feminine color choice, geometric and asymmetric cutting, and pairing of pieces, his collection catered to the woman who is greatly in touch with herself as a woman.  However, there were a few pieces for those who favored the polished black, or even the more electric black (there was a black sequined dress that one can deem necessary to any wardrobe!).  Outside of my usual preference, I was particularly partial to the geometric pink and ivory one-shouldered dress.


Jay Godfrey Presentation Photography Dan & Corina Lecca


Art Hearts Fashion


Like many of the designer collectives, Art Hearts Fashion gave a great look into the various aesthetics of each designer.  There is something so intriguing to be able to compare and contrast each one’s aesthetic.  Art Hearts Fashion ended the last Mercedes-Benz sponsored fashion week with a wide variety of styles.  Philanthropist/designer, Erik Rosete, established the Art Hearts Fashion in 2011 in support of a wonderful cause.  Presented by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, collections gracing the runway included: Mister Triple X, Walter Mendez, House of Byfield, Hallie Sara, Mimi Tran, and MT Costello.  Mister Triple X and House of Byfield screamed edgy, as Walter Mendez calmed the audience with long, flowing gowns.  Hallie Sara gave the audience the right amount of fur and Mimi Tran let us view what is known to be the contemporary bold woman.  It was MT Costello who shocked the audience with male model gracing the runway with merely his hand and a gold-snack cuff covering his genitalia.  During the walk off of the stage, the model removed the coat, leaving his body bare and blessing the audience.  The prosthetic mask, which was later removed by the finale model, also sent the audience into chatter.  As a whole, Art Hearts Fashion concluded a hectic fashion week with a bang!


Opening Image Photography Jack Fleming

Photography Arun Nevander