17 Katie Gallagher FW16 BTS Photo by Rachel Scroggins.jpg

 Words Latoya P. Henry


Instantly the season kicked off early with a beautiful film screening at The Django jazz spot, an intimate noteworthy venue that eludes Parisian ambiance, located at the Roxy Hotel. A perfect match for Katie Gallagher’s fourteenth collection entitled “Veiled”. Exploring along the lines of mystery, indefinite and hue. Gallagher’s latest collection reminisces from her first all black collection series “Veil”, which released in 2010. In continuation to the previous series, the designer revised several pieces, highlighting texture and delicate detailing.


Combining lace, silks, cashmere, leather and fur to reflect her elements of inspiration from gothic architecture, stained glass, cemeteries, rituals and of course Harry Clarke’s illustrations. Personally, I’m obsessed with black attire and I was mostly fascinated by Gallagher’s attempt to stray away from light, elegance and evil, while using a muted pallet. Even though the designer’s intention is to drift away from the specific elements. Light and shadow highly prevails within the collection as well as a form of elegance. 


Veiled reveals a darker side that plays on a fusion of whimsical and elegant features, which exhibits a graceful sexiness of a women who is enigmatically intriguing, boundless and adored. The detailed adornments reveals, Gallagher’s refined understanding of creating pieces that showcases beautiful craftsmanship and the designer’s clear understanding of form.


Overall, the FW16 collection underlines the designer’s ability to create intrigue from a single color option and surrounding it with curiosity. I’m highly excited to explore future concepts from Katie Gallagher’s thought provoking vision of design and the vast awareness she presents on catering to the ideal woman’s style.


Behind The Scenes Photography Rachel Scroggins

Look Photography Bala Heller & Israel Veintidos

Special Thanks to Deanne Yee & Teresa Cheng At Avant Collective