Flowers, lace, and swingy skirts came together for By Misha’s soft, sweet, “Letterbox” AW 2013 collection. While walls dotted with decorative flowers served as a lovely backdrop to a presentation of the girly, romantic pieces. Held at the Highline Loft, the collection was perfectly accented with just-messy-enough braided buns by stylists from Prive Salon. Chiffon, silk, and tweed were prominent throughout the collection, appearing in a rich palette of colors like creme, copper, and garnet.


            It felt like designer Misha Vaidya was playing it safe here; the collection was undoubtedly pretty, but certainly wasn’t pushing any boundaries. There seemed to be a lack in strong or unique shapes. A sculpted blouse, cropped jacket, and fun cobalt mini dress used heavily accented shoulders to create interesting top-heavy silhouettes, but otherwise there was a lot of repetition. I saw too many pleated chiffon skirts and too many dresses with bodice cutouts similar to those you could find at the club.


Several looks incorporated textured tiny, cut white flowers that were so beautiful up close but really lost their charm from a distance - the intricacy and feel disappears and sort of just looks like fluff. I struggled with how I felt about this collection for a while because I enjoyed the overall aesthetic so much. The choices in colors and fabrics created such a lovely feel but I couldn’t get past the feeling that there were few really intriguing, creative aspects present.



NYFW Coverage Alexandra Stevens

Images Courtesy of Danika Daily