Trained in the houses of couture super-stitchers J.Mendel and Oscar de la Renta, Brandon Sun is anything but green when it comes to the subtleties of women’s fashion. His cohesive S/S ‘14 collection “Onna Bugeisha” delighted the eye by offering a series of simply complex juxtaposes – the nature of a woman in fabric form, architecture versus landscape, and a “man versus nature” color palette.

“I started with inspiration from all the strong women in my life, but particularly the feudal female samurais, the onna-bugeisha,” said Sun. “They were warlords and mothers, so the structure of the collection is confident, but slouchy.”

The dichotomous nature of a strong woman was elegantly portrayed. For one look, an armor-grey deconstructed hooded leather sleeveless jacket protects a delicate Jadeite green chiffon dress underneath. For another, a structured tuxedo shirt with solid front panel gives way to completely sheer shoulders and back, atop an artisan tweed skirt.

The collection’s color scheme of black and porcelain mixed with cherry blossom pink, jadeite green, and mandarin was vamped by an exploration of different textures.

“I was so intrigued by the imperial villa in Kyoto and how its architecture juxtaposed with the landscape,” said Sun. His take: Chiffon, fur, and prints all stacked effortlessly together. Sun’s long history with craftsmanship and his keen eye for sartorial harmony hit all the right notes.

Driven by the beats of powerhouse rockers like The Black Keys, the models stood on their pedestals looking demurely fierce. Expect big things coming soon for Mr.Sun.


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