Designer Josie Natori hosted an evening to remember: a fun-filled, decorative pajama party. Her SoHo location invited a wide array of people to view the season's Josie collection. Featured styles included bold, fun prints in both form of both ready to wear and lounge/sleepwear. The black and white, accented red loungewear was one of the must haves.


Extending beyond the desirable clothing, Josie created a coherent ambiance throughout the store with the use of red, black and white displays. However, the designs were not restricted to red, black and white; a splash of greens and yellows and oranges resided on the store's racks as well.  


Origami activities, fellowship, and a meet and greet with the designer herself advanced the evening.  Josie paid particular attention to her customers and accepted much feedback for the line.  Her clothing, Josie suggested, is not size restrictive. She wants to cater to "every type of woman."


The particular Josie collection is available for two more weeks. If you are a consumer interested in comfort with spunk, this is the line for you.  Josie Natori has a variety of choices. Ranging from sleepwear to high fashion, monotones to vivid prints, in constant seasonal rotation, there is something for everybody. For more information, please visit


Nu-Mode´  Magazine Coverage Arielle Chambers

Photography Liz Clayma