Blanc de Chine's FW13 collection was a great show of dark minimalism and classic Chinese tailoring. There was a heart of tradition in the tunic collars and long kimono-like dresses. I particularly enjoyed the fit of the men's coats and the gorgeous teal accents on the women's wear. While the collection was beautifully crafted, there were some elements on the women's wear that came off slightly more gaudy than fashionable.
The addition of heavy sparkled adornments and heavy velvet material gave the impression that this collection was suited for a much older woman. Also, some looks were just a bit too conservative, not just in coverage, but in fit as well. Blanc de Chine quite wisely catered to their 50+ demographic with this collection and a piece of me still wishes it maintained the same versatility as collections past. However, with a strong and timeless aesthetic, Blanc de Chine is still undoubtedly a label to be respected.  I wouldn't be surprised to see some of these looks pop up on the rep carpet this year.


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NYFW Coverage John-Mark

Photography Ilya S. Savenok