We joined the lovely Azede Jean-Pierre for the debut of her second collection from her namesake brand, presented by Made Fashion Week at the Standard hotel. Models lined up against a cloudy-sky backdrop, outfitted in bright, graphic prints and bold colors.

“It was nature, overall,” Jean-Pierre said of the inspiration for her collection. “Playing with nature, playing God - but in a very abstract way. The prints are inspired by the prints found on a bug, but very abstract and computerized.”

High necklines, playful hemlines and eye-catching cutouts complimented fun, childlike patterns of stripes and dots. “We went very tongue-in-cheek, very happy,” Jean-Pierre told Nu-Mode´ Magazine. “Then you have your plainer looks that are a little bit sexy, but are the same shape and cut as everything else.” Primary colors popped against black and white, subtle ombre of blues and yellow layered beneath red and white spots. “Nature already has so many beautiful colors, we wanted to do something bright, something fun,” Jean-Pierre said with a grin. “It's something a little more lively than what I usually do, which is black and white.”

The striking prints are balanced out by a variety of high-quality fabrics, mostly silk and linen. “I just wanted something luxurious - nice, great-feeling fabrics for a woman to wear. I used silk charmeuse, linen, things you can wear during the day walking around,” Jean-Pierre explained of her textile choices. Who does the young designer envision wearing her bug-print graphics and electric polka-dots? “An executive,” she says, an unexpected answer. “But not what she would wear to the office. Well, maybe the black-and-white looks. But the prints are for going out, having fun.” Jean-Pierre’s prints look impossible not to have fun in, and creepy-crawlies look cuter than ever on shift dresses and cropped coats. The entire collection is fresh, young, and undoubtedly fun indeed, bringing forth a look that looks truly unlike anything else shown this season.



 Nu-Mode ´Coverage Alexandra Stevens

Images Courtesy of Fairchild Photo Service & Azede Jean-Pierre

A special thank you to the amazing teams at Made, The Standard Hotel and Rep PR