Progressive young designer Asher Levine combined music and fashion this season for a runway presentation that doubled as a debut performance for “funeral pop” duo MXMS, the latest musical venture by Shiny Toy Guns keyboardist Jeremy Dawson. Vocalist Ariel Levitan paired with Dawson to create the haunting new musical group, pronounced "Me and My Shadow."

“Jeremy is amazing!” Levine exclaimed with an infectious smile, giving Nu Mode´ magazine the rundown on how it all came together. “[Jeremy] says “hey, come down to the recording studio” so I do. Then he’s like I have this new band coming out, MXMS, and I want to debut it at Fashion Week,” Levine explains. “So I was like okay! Let’s do it. But when?” He pauses for dramatic effect. “Friday the 13th… of 2013. Let’s do a funeral.


The runway presentation began with faux-mourners carrying a casket down the darkened runway, lighting the path behind them with blue electric candles. The coffin is laid down and opened to reveal MXMS’ Levitan, who rises dramatically in a look by Levine - an all-black short-and-top combo with an architectural belt and statement necklace, topped with a grey hooded jacket with a flowing train. Levitan greets Dawson in front of the casket and ceremoniously lifts a hood over his head before the duo heads to their runway setup to perform their beautiful debut song “omg.”

Models soon follow in Levine’s black, white, and yellow Spring/Summer collection. The designer kept to his usual silhouettes of oversized, motorcycle-style looks and youthful, downtown tailoring. “As you know, I like to pull from natural and biological references,” said Levine of his aesthetic. “This season, I wanted to look at human anatomy and kind of see what it is, and to me it seems to be layers - skin, muscle, bone. I wanted to reorganize that.” He pointed out his references in bone prints such as a bone paisley, and muscle-print leather moto. “It was a perfect collaboration,” Levine said of the live performance, and the enthusiastic applause he met at the end of the show would indicate that his audience certainly agreed.


Nu-Mode´ Coverage Alexandra Stevens

Lookbook Images Courtesy Of Asher Levine

Runway Photography Hadar Pitchon