Inspired by a post-apocalyptic society and brought to life through modern techniques and couture finishing methods, Alon Livne’s 2013 collection reads more utopian than dystopian in nature, from which his inspiration was derived from. This young, Israeli designer has been in the industry for more than 17 years and has worked under some of the greats, including Alexander McQueen and Roberto Cavalli. His collection was sculptural and avant garde but possessed an ease of wear ability. Livne cites the British writings of J.G. Ballard as the sole inspiration.

Upon further look of the pieces it is apparent as to which story influenced him the most: The Screen Game in the Vermillion Sands collection of short stories which depicts the notion of unusual aesthetics through no unusual technologies where screens and jewels dominate. The entire collection includes evening dresses as well as tailored separates and all carry forth these factors. The cutouts perfectly placed with mesh and geometric in shape give forth to a futuristic vision. All black but not bleak, Livne created an inspiring, visual masterpiece. His strongest work to date. He is no doubt, a designer – no artist, to follow in the future.

Nu-Mode´ Coverage Cassandra Brost

Images Courtesy Of Seventh House Pr & Alon Livne