Words Latoya P. Henry

On day three I was quite excited about the show I was going to attend, I didn’t know what to expect this season from eveningwear designer Mathieu Mirano. From his very first collection, up until his most recent, Mirano’s collections have contained pure opulence, luxury and awe. Once I viewed the invitation there was a note that live animals will be present. Of course my imagination ran wild, wondering if there was going to be a tiger or an elephant involved, but lets be practical here.  It’s New York City, so anything is to be expected, but it was zero below outside so animals of that caliber would be pretty unrealistic at the moment.


After rustling with the high winds on the way to Pier 59 we finally arrived at Mathieu Mirano’s FW16 presentation. The scene contained a backdrop that echoed the beauty of the orange summer sky; the models were positioned almost like palm trees inside of the sand surrounded by a panel of mirrors and sculpture. As the array of garments glistened in ombré to powerful rainbow hues. The live animals from “I Want Animal Magic’ were a bunch of cute turtles and tortoises, crawling away in the sand. At that moment I felt a sense of sensation from the entire set presentation. Clearly Mirano’s objective was to create a scene from a specific setting, but I wanted to investigate further on the designer’s decision to select a warmer setting and incorporate it with colder period.


Gathering inspiration from a trip to Egypt, Mirano connected with the natural force of the wind, through experiencing a sand storm, and observing how the power of the wind could flow and move. This heavily influenced the designer to focus attention towards the sense of touch versus sight.   The beauty and the power of this element reminded him of the days when he used to create sculptural pieces. From there Mirano wanted to incorporate this element towards his collection.


Approaching FW16 with a contemporary and innovative sense of technique, Mirano designed gowns, cocktail dresses and separates with silk materials that flow beautifully with the pressure of the wind. The designer states, “I wanted to capture the wind’s graceful forms and movement, to make something unseen, seen. I stood still for hours using my sense of physical touch to understand what the wind would appear like if it weren't transparent.”  


Primarily, Mathieu Mirano’s desire is to concentrate on translating an experience to the wearer, generating a vision that reaches beyond the codes of fashion, and not just creating beautiful clothes. 

Photography Imhotep Hester at Street Vue

Special Thanks Mathieu Mirano & HVM Communications