Monika Kowalska hit the nail on the head with this collection. She perfected minimal modernism adding just the right amount of effortless drama. The clean lines and lux textiles in a color palette of navy, black, ivory, burnt orange and rich camel added to Kowalska’s ability to subtly pack an understated punch with this impeccably curated collection. The styling was a perfect juxtaposition of deliberate gracefulness with a ragamuffin attitude. The hair was scruffy and right on trend. The models wearing toupe like hairpieces in contrasting colors with straggling pieces falling below.


The stand out item was a pair of navy, high-waisted trousers that were exceptionally wide yet possessed the ability to be incredibly flattering. The waist above the belt was thick and stuck straight up with a slight ripple effect. There was a jumpsuit that reinvented the classic and lacked a derivative quality. The collection was littered with cocoon like jackets that fell off the model’s shoulders in a nonchalant drape. The knits, luxurious yet comfy were a steadfast addition. There were prints of globe like inspiration that lent to the theme of voyage. The music was upbeat and littered with travel jargon one would hear on a plane ready for takeoff. This exploration into surface, form and function was executed with such precision that broadened and redefined the modern aesthetic.


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NYFW Coverage Cassandra Brost

Photography Pasha Antonov