Love. Love. Love. Demoo Parkchoonmoo, heavily influenced by Asian culture and martial arts. Crafted a collection so chic, glam and active all in one. The collection consisted of a montage of blacks, whites, grays, tans and deep reds. Layering was a major part of Parkchoonmoo, as the designer showed the audience how to pair several pieces with one another without appearing bulky. Middle-parted topknot buns with chopsticks added to the badass collection's overall aesthetic. A helmet-styled hat was also worn by a few.


Blending fabrics worked for the designer as well. Sheers mixed with silks, furs and wools coinciding all added to the depth of the Parkchoonmoo’s collection. A personal favorite was the white turtleneck dress, whose top half was sheer, but decorated with a beautifully placed textile and a wrap belt in the middle to accentuate the waist. The multicolored cropped fur also sparked interest. It bordered fashion risk, but nevertheless was very intriguing. 


Photography Imhotep Hester At Street Vue