4 corners Of a circle presented a surprisingly interactive runway to showcase their Fall 2013 collection, complete with interpretive dancers and live music. Two dancers in red started off the show, flanking the sides of the runway and slowly changing poses throughout. Designer Natsuko Kanno presented textured knits and structured coats in a neutral color palette - black, navy, beige, and camel were accented with the subtle pop of a few rich bordeaux knits and dresses. An arrow print was found throughout the collection, used as a small accent on jackets and tops as well as an all-over print for shorts and dresses. Models that weren’t in Japanese hakama shorts wore printed bermuda shorts, a trend that is seems to have carried over from 2013’s spring runway collections.


            Kanno drew inspiration for his collection from Samurai design, especially the style and connotations of strength found during Japanese 15th and 16th century battles. Shiseido and Augment appropriately styled the models with sleek, straightened hair, and clean makeup featuring bold brows. The severity of the looks were offset with chunky heels paired with slouchy wool socks, keeping the ensembles playful. I really loved the surprising wearability of this collection, it presented really luxurious runway-appropriate fabrics and shapes in a very accessible way.

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