Words & Photography Latoya P Henry

Day two, through the bitter cold we made it to our first stop, VEDA. A chic presentation held at VEDA headquarters. We were greeted promptly, as we waited for the elevator outside in the blistering cold on Canal Street. Surrounded by tourist, odd souvenirs and shivering ladies pressuring you to buy unauthentic/bootleg goods. The door finally opens and we whisked ourselves through the elevator doors, on the way up to the fifth floor. As the doors opened the team at VEDA greeted us, along with a delightful spread of boxed water, coffee, tea and champagne.


 As we ventured further into the presentation. The models stood on a caramel colored, cylinder shaped carpet with a round settee in the middle. Decorated with suede pillows and a ravishing display of red anthurium, cascading down over the seating as the backdrop. Resembling a scene from a classic film, the ladies stood in statuesque poses in a color contrast of bold hues accented with minimalistic features, in particular the collection clearly pulls some inspiration reminiscent of the seventies. Interestingly enough, the designer, Lyndsey Butler played with several textures, developing a collection beyond her signature style.


Featuring a croc-embossed jacket accented with a blur fur collar, wide legged pants paired with silk slip dresses and blouses to the rustic and bold colored suede jackets, accented with ringlet embossed and suede bags. It’s fascinating how designer Lyndsey Butler merged masculine and feminine characteristics to reveal a compelling collection designed for the modern woman, where each feature is not overpowering the other, but complimenting each other. For the most part, sign us up for future collections from Lyndsey Butler because we’re currently obsessed and curious to see what’s the next step for the VEDA label.