Words Irina Romashevskaya

There are designers that make beautiful clothes and then there are designers like Katya Leonovich, who make fashion. They are the trendsetters and innovators, and their ability to interpret the times and make a statement is what sets them apart. This season the avant-garde designer decided to go a step further and presented her wearable collection utilizing a 3D printing technique.

As the models stepped on the runway to the futuristic beat, it swiftly made me think of Tarkovsky’s Solaris. The unearthly sophistication of cuts and fabrications combined with a muted palette of grays, lilacs and greens resulted in a lineup of surreal dresses and bathing suits fit for intergalactic queen. A play on texture versus sheer made the collection look organic, an unfathomable effect, considering the advanced technology being used in the creation of the materials. But it seems that was precisely Leonovich’ mission: she has taken us to the future and made it feel nostalgic.


Images Courtesy of Katya Leonovich