Words Arielle Chambers

Martin Maldonado, artistically known as Martin Across, is a 21 year old fashion designer based in Barcelona, Spain.  Beginning a career in architecture, he became more inspired by his mother, a florist, and principles of color, shape, and volume, and as a result, decided to pursue fashion instead.  Maldonado has a fascination of hyperrealism, therefore his collections express the concept.  

Martin Across incorporates round, soft curves, defined lines, and unusual exaggerated shapes in his clothing, leaving the actual shape of the body up for question.  The ambiguity of shape allows people to be steered not by how they look, but how they transform in feeling.  


The Collector collection infuses turquoises, tans, charcoals and blacks to create a very original, nature-like aesthetic, while almost being futuristic.  The line takes a child’s perception of the environment during development and depicts the cognitive processing through apparel. Glasses were unique pieces in the creative process.  They mimic a goggle feel, again alluding to Martin Across’s desired premise for the collection: a young boy spending his youth searching for insects and old artifacts-the “boy catcher.”  

For more information on the designer and the collection, which is guaranteed to push the boundaries of fashion and is far from conventional, visit Martin Across.