Contribution is available to all photographers, stylist, make up artist, hairstylist etc. We only accept unpublished content. Editorials that are released with another publication, website or platform, will not be accepted. Editorial stories must be exclusive to Nu Mode´ .  However, we are completely open to the collaborative team releasing behind the scenes images, and additional snippets on social media. The finalized story must be kept private until the release of the edition.


Issue No.17 Details Coming Soon


Contributor Proposals


Proposals should include, story details and a storyboard that reflects the aesthetic of the upcoming edition. The contributing team must provide links to their portfolio or website.  


Once a proposal receives approval, a letter of recommendation will be provided to the stylist upon request. Pull letters include a standard policy for the stylist on the shoot, it must be accepted first before the stylist receives the letter.



Contributor Submission


Materials must include 4–12 low-resolution, Jpeg or PDF images only. Please do not send images in another format, otherwise it will not be reviewed. Once we receive a story, it goes through the review process with the creative director. If the story fits with the concept of the current edition we will follow up with further details. (Please directly email Zoë Payne for contribution at we will not accept bcc emails)





Once a story is accepted, we ask that the editorial is 100% confirmed before we continue with publishing. Confirmation is only an email stating that the submitter will feature their story in the upcoming edition. If we don’t receive any confirmation for the editorial, the space we have reserved for publishing, will not be held for the contributing team. Therefore it will not be published.


Confirmation also states that you will provide a story for Nu Mode´ Magazine. In the event that you can’t provide the editorial story, please notify us before the deadline. If we don’t receive notification after an editorial story was confirmed, you would not have the opportunity to contribute towards Nu Mode´ Magazine in the future.



Publishing Editorial Details


Editorials selected for publishing should include the story title, the team and garment credits, separate from the images. We ask that the wardrobe stylist include the stocklist link info with the credits.


All images must be sized according to the measurements below. If you would like to include white space on specific images or if you have specific instructions for the editorial, we ask that you provide a separate low-resolution PDF with the story formatting.



Image Sizing


Single Page 8.625 x 11.125 Inches

Double Page 17.125 x 11.125 Inches

RGB, CMYK or Grayscale



For wide-angle images, if you would like a full two page spread. Please count it as two pages, unless if you prefer the wide-angle image to be place on a single page. Also take into consideration the gutter space when using a wide-angle image.


It’s important that all images are sized accordingly when submitting final materials. If we receive images that are not the correct size or format, it will not be published. It’s important to us that your work is presented in the best view possible.


Also all images should be in the correct order as the credits. Please include the number of the image, above or next to the garment credit (to avoid confusion and misplacement). Please double-check all of your content, if you’ve noticed that you need to update materials contact us as soon as possible.



Poetry Submission


We’re open to creative, thoughts, emotions and expression. For all poets, if you’re interested in submitting poetry to Nu Mode´ for publishing, please include a sample or link of your work. Poetry will be reviewed. Once it’s accepted, we ask that you provide 1-2 high-resolution images with the credits. Please contact Zoë Payne at for poetry submission, include “Poetry Contribution” in the title area.



Contributing Writers


Nu Mode´ grants creative writers the opportunity to be a part of our journey. We have a network for contributing writers to submit proposals for articles and interviews based on art, design, style and culture. We also connect, continuing contributing writers to select events and exclusive interviews.


To be a part of and the upcoming edition, a proposal must be sent for approval before contribution. Once you are confirmed, the minimum amount of words should be 480. All content must include high-resolution images (2MB and above) and image credits. If you’re looking for a specific image please contact us, we will gladly assist.


Contributing writer benefits include:

- Name and title on the masthead

- A photograph and short bio on the contributor’s page

- Continuing contributors receive an opportunity for exclusive interviews and invitation to events

- High-resolution PDF tears of the featured article or interview, with the edition cover


If you are interested in being a contributing writer for Nu Mode´ please include a sample of your work, website or blog. Be sure to title your email “Contributing Writer”, and send it to Zoë Payne at



Final Note


We ask that materials submitted to Nu Mode´ Magazine are double-checked. We will not be held responsible for misspelt or missing credits. If any details are unavailable from the finalized material, the contributor who submitted the content will be held responsible. Once an editorial or exclusive content is submitted to Nu Mode´ magazine, it grants us the permission to use it on any of Nu Mode´ Magazine’s platforms. For contributing writers and poets we ask that you have the appropriate permission from the source your receive images.


All content is reserved for Nu Mode´ Magazine. We respect the rights of each person’s work. We do not distribute images or personal content with any other person or company.