Modernized Patterns - WOOD HOUSE.

Finding the right element within menswear, while positioning a new perception on how men could express their masculinity and personality, without losing their personal finesse. Designer Julian Woodhouse has transitioned the way we view menswear through structure, minimalism, expression, masculinity, femininity and style all wrapped into the brand WOOD HOUSE. His objective is to develop something special within menswear, from his signature secret pockets, to the three-dimensional pieces that molds into the shape of the wearer and how Read more.


The Transitioning Of Elegance

The focus, clean lines, sharp craftsmanship and versatility, are a few ways to describe New York based womenswear line, PRISCA Vera. Touching base with an extensive audience, by revamping the elegant aesthetic. PRISCA Vera transcends elegance into a modern form of relaxed and immaculate silhouettes. The designer, PRISCA Vera Famchetti, delivers a sophisticated balance within her garments that captures the spirit of youth, redefining the perception on classic aesthetics. Read more.

Lejeune's Fable

The current obsession with discovering fresh designers is the contemporary approach towards, new age style. We seek to find intricate items that accentuate our personalities, artistic flair, aesthetic and physique. For Netherlands born jewelry designer and prop maker, Minou Lejeune, she finds a common balance between minimalism and expression. For each collection Lejeune narratives highlight nature, sentiment, memories and gender. In particular, the designer’s classic fusion of jewelry design and prop making, Read more. 

Nadine Goepfert. Textiles Into Art.

We often think of textiles as mere clothing materials, not realizing their inherent potential for art exploration and research. Textiles are never truly considered to be an art medium, but German-based textile designer Nadine Goepfert thinks otherwise. Through constant research and collaborations with other artists and designers, Nadine is on her way to change that perception.  

As long as I can remember I’ve had a great interest in traditional textile techniques and craftsmanship, so in my work I constantly experiment with the diverse aspects of the materiality and structure of textiles. My projects are based on research and conceptual thinking, and in some of them I explore the wide field of eventualities by creating open situations, which form the basis for my textile designs and art installations.” Read More.


Modern  Made

Modern living, a theme growing in popularity, includes innovation in furniture, amongst other elements.  Made in Ratio specializes in contemporary furniture, pushing the limits on conventional industry standards.  Brodie Neill spearheaded the path to abstract fixtures by designing and developing the collection.  Since his creation of the bran, it has been highly regarded and has received various industry awards.  Read more.

Eugenia Alejos

Reconstruction Of The Obvious

A mastermind in the areas of mixed media illustration and collage, Eugenia Alejos creates evocative, groundbreaking imagery, as seen on the pages of various fashion and design magazines. And lately she’s been dabbling in clothing and accessories design.

 Holograms, high-resolution prints, 3D technology – these are just some of the innovative techniques Eugenia Alejos has been  Read More.


H  i  d  d  e  n

Space within hidden spaces, the simplicity of Studio Niels design “Total Concept, Hidden”, transitions a home into a clean space with the accessibility of paneled walls merging into several rooms, manifesting a connection between each space. The features of the private home, located in Maastricht, Netherlands resembles an intriguing modernized interpretation of a labyrinth, with Read more.