Dejan Despotovic, a Serbian designer who strategically chose to bless New York with his designs is an unmatchable talent. Upon completing his studies in High textile school in Belgrade, he focused on what he believed to be his calling creating his line BLACK’D.  Striving for his clothing to “not [being] just a label,” Despotovic  reaches far beyond normalcy.  He places emphasis on detail and design and is wholeheartedly loyal to the color black.  Despotovic’s ultimate goal is to stir the idea of something being BLACK’D, Read more.


Waxing Gibbous

Rafael Kouto’s designs float somewhere in the chasm between fashion and art. A recent graduate of the Basel Academy of Art and Design fashion school, the young Swiss designer released his debut collection earlier this year. Drag Me to the After Hour on the Dark Side of the Moon is made up of futuristic silhouettes, wearable art that is designed to be gender neutral.  The Swiss designer is taking advantage of the shrinking divide between men’s and women's style by using loose cuts and intense draping to create unusual Read more.

Pure Connections

"Everything is connected through a thin line.” Martha Chamoun, an emerging footwear and accessories designer uses her theories of connectedness and purity to create her new collection, CONNECTIONWITH.

  After studying design in Polimoda, Florence, Chamoun implemented the skills she acquired in design school and used them to serve as a catalyst to her product.  Purity is a continuing theme within CONNECTIONWITH.  The line combines pure thoughts and pure materials to create women’s shoes. Read more.

The Integrity Of Stray

Accentuating the characteristics of minimalism and femininity, Oslo based designer Elisabeth Stray Pedersen constructs distinctive pieces with the ability to transition the wearer’s look, day into night. Grasping the demands of modern women. Pedersen understands how to manifest designs, which the consumer can relate too while remaining true to her design aesthetic. Her objective is not only creating beautiful clothes, but to broaden the knowledge around identity and style. During our discussion Pedersen reveals what’s substantial to design Read more.


C  u  r  v  e

Each season designer Amélie Riech proceeds to redefine the fundamentals of jewelry design. Constructing timeless wear, Uncommon Matters complex style reflects the contrast of shape and form. Aesthetically captivating the designer’s use of precious metals, porcelain and onyx are molded into geometrical shapes reflecting architectural structures. With the designer’s attention to exquisite craftsmanship and attention to Read more.


Modern  Made

Modern living, a theme growing in popularity, includes innovation in furniture, amongst other elements.  Made in Ratio specializes in contemporary furniture, pushing the limits on conventional industry standards.  Brodie Neill spearheaded the path to abstract fixtures by designing and developing the collection.  Since his creation of the bran, it has been highly regarded and has received various industry awards.  Read more.

Eugenia Alejos

Reconstruction Of The Obvious

A mastermind in the areas of mixed media illustration and collage, Eugenia Alejos creates evocative, groundbreaking imagery, as seen on the pages of various fashion and design magazines. And lately she’s been dabbling in clothing and accessories design.

 Holograms, high-resolution prints, 3D technology – these are just some of the innovative techniques Eugenia Alejos has been  Read More.


H  i  d  d  e  n

Space within hidden spaces, the simplicity of Studio Niels design “Total Concept, Hidden”, transitions a home into a clean space with the accessibility of paneled walls merging into several rooms, manifesting a connection between each space. The features of the private home, located in Maastricht, Netherlands resembles an intriguing modernized interpretation of a labyrinth, with Read more.


I always came to the beach to collect my thoughts. But today felt special.

Staring into the void, waiting for a miracle I sat on a big rock. The birds flew over me and I wondered if a storm was coming. Looking for a glimmer of light to appear on the gray horizon signaling a safe passage, I dove deeper into my thoughts. I must’ve sat there for an hour before realizing it was getting late. The sun was setting, and birds’ cheerful chirping was coming to a close. Despite nature’s persistent warnings, two seagulls were playing in the wind.  Read More.

NeonHitchDB 11.jpg

The Luminous Gem Neon Hitch

Some people, it seems, are born to experience things. Neon Hitch is one of those people. Living everywhere from inside a converted school bus to deep the jungles of India, the 28-year-old singer-songwriter has lived enough lives to make a cat jealous. In fact, simply labeling her a singer-songwriter barely touches the surface of the countless titles Hitch has held throughout her life; add circus performer, yogi, LGBT advocate, and businesswoman, and you’ve at least got a good start. Inspired by her father’s career as a light technician, her parents gave her the name Read More.



I have a peep-toed bootie on my left foot and a strappy black-and-white heel on my right, examining my reflection with one foot hidden, and then the other. I’m late, as usual, struggling to get dressed, as usual. I was supposed to have left my apartment twenty minutes ago, and the great shoe debate is the very last of my motions in preparing for a night out. Realistically, my outfit is mediocre at best, regardless of my shoe choice. No matter how good you think you look, the denizens of New York have a subtle and disarming way of one-upping even the sleekest of ensembles. Read More.

Nastya Kaletkina

Authentic Analog Art

With technology improving at such a rapid rate, it is next to impossible to avoid the ready-to-use, mainstream filters or digitalization and photoshop.  Photographer Nastya Kaletkina defies the odds of digitalization and accessible filtering, maintaining an authentic collection of work.  Kaletkina, born in 1990, is a Russian photographer. Her talents are expanding internationally, Read more.


“It’s really a land stripped bare,” he describes. “It’s the quintessence of wilderness; it’s where you see the skeleton of the earth. There’s no cover. No clothes, no skin, you really just see the geology.”  

            When I began to question Jean de Pomereu about his fascination with the Arctic, he was quick to interject. “My photography is on Antarctica, which is the Read more.


Clean Movement

London-based photographer Rupert Vandervell combines his interest in clean lines and geometrics to create narrative images of humans interacting with their environment.  Finding humans interesting, he creates an array of photographs showing their place in the world.  His images are deeply rooted in the product, of which he describes as a representation of his personality. Read more.