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“Visuals” The spring summer edition, which investigates the power of thought provoking images. Seeking out what’s visually alluring, interesting and challenging to the mind. Admiring what’s compelling to us, from nature, facial characteristics, movement, sounds, the power to be expressive and assertive.

Gracing the covers of the spring summer edition, Dilia, Ashlee Anne, Eszter, Toyin, Morven. Curated and photographed by five remarkable visionaries Nicky Onderwater, Adam Willett, Ákos Rajnai, Nancy Schoenmakers, Carmen Rose. Featuring exclusives with photographer & lifestyle artist Lumia, Architect, Actor Jas Anderson. Catch the exclusive streetstyle photographers Andrew Dong and Imhotep Hester at Streetvues discussing their insight on photography arts and expression. Also an exciting new series entitled Those Thoughts Her/His journal with model & dj Kyrsten discussing ambitions, life intentions and much more. Be sure to enjoy the experience digitally or in print, take home the experience!


Fy:r clothes & Mineral Weather .

We take delicate steps before the arrival, through creation we’re able to manipulate, manifest and manufacture. The fundamental of garment design is the ability to develop structures that reflect the wearer. For any ensemble, accessories walk hand in hand with the perfect jacket or dress. When placed together, you create a statement look.  Even though the pieces you put together may not have the ability of speech, there’s an unspoken communication that describes a bit of your personality or the type of person you may be. For fy:r clothes and Mineral Weather, here are two Russian based brands that create pieces for those who want to be distinguished from the crowed. The bases of their design is to create something refreshing and appealing towards the eye, in clear contrast to one another the designers have developed something fascinating with geometrical shapes and clean lines. Reflecting their passion, for aesthetically pleasing design. Read more.



PRISCAVera. Altering Elegance

The focus, clean lines, sharp craftsmanship and versatility, are a few ways to describe New York based womenswear line, PRISCA Vera. Touching base with an extensive audience, by revamping the elegant aesthetic. PRISCA Vera transcends elegance into a modern form of relaxed and immaculate silhouettes. The designer, PRISCA Vera Famchetti, delivers a sophisticated balance within her garments that captures the spirit of youth, redefining the perception on classic aesthetics. Read more.


TRIPTYCH: These Stylish Shoes Are Made For Walking.

An architect by training, New York-based Tania Ursomarzo created an accessories line, TRIPTYCH, with an idea that a comfortable shoe can also be stylish. Her wondrous designs in predominantly neutral palette are subtle yet extremely sexy. Intricate cutouts in unconventional places that expose toe and ankle cleavage, sumptuous textures, and a shoe-within-a-shoe concept that turns a bootie into a skin exposing sling-back shoe, these are just a few of many innovative techniques Tania employs in her designs. I met with the forward thinking designer in her pop-up shop to get a closer look. Read more.

Lejeune's Fable

The current obsession with discovering fresh designers is the contemporary approach towards, new age style. We seek to find intricate items that accentuate our personalities, artistic flair, aesthetic and physique. For Netherlands born jewelry designer and prop maker, Minou Lejeune, she finds a common balance between minimalism and expression. For each collection Lejeune narratives highlight nature, sentiment, memories and gender. In particular, the designer’s  Read more. 



The mysterious world of Paul Phung’s photography captures a memory, a moment in the life of a stranger, that’s both intriguing and mundane. There is always a story, hidden emotion or an unspoken truth in Paul’s black and white imagery. It’s technology combined with unique artistic vision that brings something simple under a different light and opens an alternate world of expression.

“I guess the first time I ever picked up a camera I was 15 and in my final year of school. At the time I had a really strong passion for painting and my art teacher told me to photograph my paintings for my sketchbook. He lent me his 35mm film camera and sent me home to photograph all of my Read more.

Unfinished Conversation.



JD Barnes approach to his photography can be summed up in one phrase “Today everything exists to end in a photograph”. He works from West St Studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Here’s JD Barnes story ‘Fragments’. In his story featuring Shennai Saunders, she is seeking moments that were lost, and investigating a way to start anew. Read more.

Christopher Polack Romeo Galaxy.jpg


During my exploration of the human nude, I discovered that from as far back as 500BC, the human nude has been celebrated in various forms. The Egyptians, followed by the Greeks and Romans, celebrated the nude in sculptural art before it landed on English shores, where the Christians felt the need to censor the art. They covered up the artworks genitalia behind leaves and bits of cloth to protect the people from indecency. Fast-forward two thousand years and this mindset still stands within our psyche. Because of religion, censorship has dictated how we perceive the human body as a whole… Sacred, sometimes taboo, indifferent and occasionally wrong. Read more.


Melbourne based fashion photographer Bonnie Hansen started her career in the fashion industry working in advertising. She decided to pursue her dream of getting behind the lens instead of being stuck behind a desk and has since proved herself as a professional fashion photographer.  

Here’s Bonnie Hansen intimate portrait of Phoebe. Read more.

Music Artist Of The Moment


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